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By | November 29, 2021

Micro Gene recognizes the need for a variety of such systems, as well as the necessity for options for self-monitoring blood pressure based on an individual’s demands, and supplies a variety of them. There is no mercury in the AccuSure Blood Pressure Monitor. It boasts a high degree of accuracy, is easy to use, and is ideal for professional applications.

Do you want a blood pressure monitor that anyone can operate, even if they have no prior knowledge of electronics or technology? If so, the AccuSure AS Series Automatic and Advanced Feature Blood Pressure Monitoring System is a good choice. This blood pressure monitor is simple to use. Its one-touch operation allows it to be operated with just one hand and without the need for external assistance. The device is not only simple and functional, but it also has a compact and lightweight structure. It also comes with a carrying pouch, making it a portable machine. The monitor has a wide LCD panel with a strong light that makes it easier to read even in low light. Even if someone with poor eyesight uses it, the blood pressure measurements are easily seen. A WHO categorization indicator is drawn on the display’s left side. Even if the individual has little to no experience.

Accusure BP Machine

                            Accusure BP Machine

Benefits of using AccuSure BP Machine:

  • Gives a large LCD display
  • Embodies 60 memory positions with date and time
  • Comprises of irregular heartbeat detection
  • Gives dual user profiles

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