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By | February 5, 2022

Buy the Best Diabetic Products Online at Your Doorstep with MetroMedi:

Being a Diabetic patient often hampers the quality of life that you lead. It is one of those diseases that demand constant care and need to be managed with constant care.

Today, there are a lot of natural products to effectively manage diabetes and live your life to the fullest. For example, there are so many sugar-free products and diabetic food products.

The problem is that many Diabetic patients can’t benefit from them because either they are unaware of these products or can’t find them at a nearby store. Thus, Diabetes India Online Store(MetroMedi) was conceived.

Why Diabetic Friendly Products Combo is better than the rest?

True Elements Diabetic Friendly Products Combo is a carefully curated package that includes snacks that are Sugar Free(Sugar Free Natura Powder) and will boost overall health. With the help of this Combo, you will not only be able to control your blood sugar levels but also enjoy flavourful and tasty treats.

Sugar Free Natura Powder


True Elements Gluten-free Rolled Oats: Rolled Oats(Horlicks Oats) consists of soluble fibre which helps in lowering cholesterol, boosts metabolism and aids in digestion. They are also naturally gluten-free, which adds a lot more benefit to your overall health.

Horlicks Oats

True Elements Glucerna Sr Vanilla Powder: Glucerna SR Powder an easy and tasty way to help manage your glucose levels. The unique, slowly digested carbohydrate system helps keep glucose.

Glucerna Sr Vanilla Powder

True Elements Antioxidant Seeds Mix: An antioxidant is a key nutrient to keep your immunity system strong and free from any infections. This is a healthy and crunchy mix of sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon, flax and chia seeds, all of which are further enhanced with Goji Berries. These seeds are packed with Dietary Fibre which keeps you full for longer, thus helping in weight loss.


True Elements Roasted Flax Seeds: Flax Seeds help in improving insulin sensitivity in glucose-intolerant people. It also helps in controlling blood sugar levels, thus keeping diabetes at bay. It is one of the richest sources of fibre, which fills your stomach and keeps you active throughout the day.


Since all these products are made Sugar Free, there is no fear of sudden sugar spikes. You can eat them anytime: while reading or while watching movies. Enjoy it as a breakfast meal or a healthy evening meal. is one of the best online pharmacy platforms as it provides easy and fast delivery to your doorstep with adequate discounts making the products affordable without compromising on the quality. Buy Best Diabetic Products Online in India , Order online from at an affordable price with fast delivery.

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