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By | December 1, 2021

Do you still have problems with your dull, dry, cracked skin feet? Do you want a comfort spa treatment for your feet at home? Would you like to restore your feet ‘ natural moisture and softness, then maintain the beauty of your feet? RENEWA DIABETIC GEL SOCKS introduces you to a perfect product for all seasons. Your ideal and inventive option is moisturising socks. Moisturizing gel socks include an extremely soft cotton surface and a thermoplastic infused gel interior for a total foot effect. The moisturising gel socks contain olive oil, plant essential oils, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to help heal dry, rough skin. Get smoother, softer, younger-looking feet by softening and soothing dry skin, treating heel cracks and preventing skin chapping.

The toes are protected from abrasion and pressure thanks to a seamless toe design, and the non-restrictive sleeve allows for maximum circulation. With or without diabetic shoes, the Arthritic/Diabetic sock can be worn. This product can be washed and reused.

ORWALK Diabetic Gel Heel Socks UNI

                ORWALK Diabetic Gel Heel Socks UNI

Benefits of using Renewa diabetic gel socks:

  • Provide relief from dry cracked heels
  • Relieve dry cracked heels 
  • Moisturize the entire foot skin for a natural and healthy appearance 
  • Nourish the smooth and promote flexibility

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