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By | June 7, 2022

When we count the initial letter in STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION, we get the term “SAD.” That implies that these three words are associated with a terrible, low, or unpleasant mental state. We see SUICIDE of a celebrity, a prominent figure, a student, or just a common man making the HEADLINES every time we turn on the TV or open the newspaper.

Deal with stress, anxiety and depression, MetroMedi ReliefThe term “SAD” (STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION) has a negative connotation. This suggests that something really important is being overlooked. This needs to be addressed. STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION are all terms that are used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? NO!!

STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION are three separate mental states that are interconnected and can occur together. An excessive amount of STRESS might lead to ANXIETY. A person who is exposed to ANXIETY for an extended period of time will develop a NEGATIVE / SAD mindset. That is the definition of DEPRESSION. It’s like a never-ending circle.

STRESS: STRESS is our body’s reaction to a specific scenario, event, or unsettling thinking. TENSION is an emotional and/or physical sensation. STRESS is our mind and body’s reaction to any STRESSOR as part of the “FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE.” STRESS may cause a variety of mental, emotional, and physiological symptoms.

ANXIETY: ANXIETY results from STRESS. It’s a continual sense of dread and unease. It’s a dizzying sensation. It’s a continual fear that something terrible will happen. It’s as if there’s a constant barrage of bad thoughts in your head.

DEPRESSION: DEPRESSION is a state of low mood, a negative mood. It is considered a MOOD DISORDER. It is a constant feeling of STRESS, LOSS, ANGER, and HOPELESSNESS. This state of mood hampers the everyday activities of a person.

STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION is a matter of MENTAL HEALTH concern that needs to be addressed immediately. Opening up about one’s problems with friends, family members and therapists’ helps a lot.

Taking the help of THERAPISTS / COUNSELORS is the first and most important step. A therapist will assess the problem and the gravity of the issue. Several Online Counseling sessions, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) are required to deal with STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION.

Talking to ONLINE COUNSELORS is always a better choice as one can avail the THERAPY and ONLINE COUNSELING SERVICES while being at the comforts of home. The THERAPY and GUIDANCE of ONLINE COUNSELORS are just a phone call away.

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