Diabetic Gents Foot Wear MCP (BLACK/BROWN) Uses and Benefits

By | December 2, 2021

Meditouch MCR/MCP diabetic footwear made of non-allergenic high-quality Lightweight Micro Cellular Rubber to get maximum smoothness and comfort on feet. MCR/MCP Acting as a shock absorber to reduce the impact on the heel bone, knee, and pelvic area.

Microcellular Rubber Footwear or MCP Footwear used to cure Diabetic Problems, Foot Pain, Arch Pain, and Back pain. Specially designed inserts (orthoses) and may relieve a particular area while supporting other areas. They may also aim to alter foot alignment and function.

MCP Diabetic Gents Foot Wear (BLACK/BROWN)

MCP Diabetic Gents Foot Wear (BLACK/BROWN)

Benefits of using MCP Diabetic gents footwear :

  •  Sole: Rubber
  •  Closure: Lace Up
  • Heel Height: 1 inches
  •  Shoe Width: Medium
  • The footwear are specially designed to provide comfort in diabetic feet, low back pain, spinal problems, corns, bunions, cracks, anesthetic foot, calcaneal spurs, calluses, etc.

Microcellular Rubber Footwear, also known as MCP Footwear, is a type of footwear that is used to treat diabetes, foot discomfort, arch pain, and back pain caused by flat feet. a serious health issue. Shocks from eternal forces are absorbed by MCP Slippers and Insoles. MCP-based arch insoles keep your feet from rubbing together. Flat feet can be avoided with arch support footwear or insoles. Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that affects the soles of the feet (High Arch) Metatarsalgia is a problem (Toe Muscle Pain) Bunlon (Narrow Toe) is an issue. Morton’s Neuroma is a type of neuroma that affects the brain (Leg Fingers Pain) Hallux Rigidus is a problem (Leg Tamp Finger Pain) Corns are a common cause of lower back pain (hard Skin Over Leg Toe Area) Calluses are a type of callus that develops (hard Skin bottom of the feet area). Heel Pain and Diabetic Foot Care.

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