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By | November 30, 2021

Dull, dim, sketchy, and got dried out skin-the results of pressure, age, and ecological harm isn’t just a ladies’ worry today. Men also need extraordinarily planned healthy skin items to keep skin hardships away. In perspective on this ongoing change in perspective in healthy skin routine for men which has turned out to be basic in the present day and age, VLCC presents Ayush MEN go particularly produced for men’s skin.

It incorporates a scope of Face Care items that objective explicit skin needs of men. Implanted with normally inferred strong actives, these items when utilized consistently after some time, help settle all skin-related stresses of men! 

VLCC Ayush Men Moisturiser 50gms

VLCC Ayush Men Moisturiser 50gms

Benefits of using VLCC Ayush Men moisturizer:

  •  Unique paraben free-range
  •  Enriched with natural actives
  • Specially developed for men’s skin. is one of the best online pharmacy platforms as it provides easy and fast delivery to your doorstep with adequate discounts making the products affordable without compromising on the quality. Get 25% off on VLCC Ayush Men moisturizer, Order online from at an affordable price with fast delivery.

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