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By | November 22, 2021

One-touch select simple test strips are India’s largest-selling blood glucose test strips ideal for self-glucose monitoring of blood glucose levels by type 2 and 1 diabetic patients. One-touch select test strips are utilized to monitor glucose levels in one touch glucometer.

These test strips are used to determine the level of glucose in the blood. When used with a blood glucose monitor, it provides a reliable and convenient self-testing approach. Simply prick your finger, place a drop or two on the test strip, and insert it into the glucometer for results. It enables you to deliver rapid and accurate results in the comfort of home. It may be utilised in both professional and personal settings (at clinics and at home).

It’s a well-known product for testing blood glucose levels using the OneTouch SelectSimple® Glucometer. The OneTouch test strips are used to assess glucose in blood collected from the fingers quantitatively. The OneTouch select blood glucose monitoring system is intended to be used by a single patient and should not be shared.

One Touch Select Strips 25s

                         One Touch Select Strips 25s

Benefits of using One-Touch select simple strips:

  • In about 5 seconds, you’ll get your results.
  • Temperatures between 4°C and 30°C are recommended for storage.
  • The test strip’s duties include spreading blood over the test region in a hygienic and timely manner.
  • These strips should be used in conjunction with OneTouch select.

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