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By | November 17, 2021

The cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines are the three primary portions of the spine. The head is supported by the abdominal binder support belt, which facilitates anterior, posterior, and lateral flexion and extension, as well as assisting head and neck movement. The belt provides support for lower back issues while allowing for regular bodily movement. It comes with a hook and loop strap that ensures a secure fit during movements.

For added comfort, a blend of elastic and soft nylon pile is attached to 1/4″ foam. The elastic paneling offers uniform support and prevents “rolling over.” Contoured to fit comfortably between the waist and the hips. Oppo medical abdominal binder helps to maintain a proper posture, which is very essential for a woman after childbirth as this product supports the lower back, prevents discomfort in that region, or helps in the reduction of stomach pain. This product is very supportive of head and neck movement and does not obstruct natural body movement as it has an adjustable hook and straps for a comfortable fit.

Oppo Medical Abdominal Binder

                     Oppo Medical Abdominal Binder


The benefits of using Oppo medical Abdominal binder:

  • The abdomen area is supported and stabilized by Oppo Medical Abdominal Binder.
  • Does not obstruct natural body movement
  • helps with head and neck movement
  • Has adjustable hook and loop straps for a secure fit.
  • Helps to maintain proper posture, which is beneficial after childbirth, lower back discomfort, or stomach pain.

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