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By | November 16, 2021

The Renewa abdominal belt is designed in such a way to benefit in the loss of stubborn weight around the waist. Renewa abdominal belt is used post surgeries like c-section surgery as it relieves the pain and aids in quicker and effective post-surgery recovery. The belt provides a warm therapeutic impact on the region, which helps in the weight loss process. The main purpose of the product is to help in the weight-loss process.

The belt is designed in a way that the product can have easy on or off application with a simple wrap-around structure which aids to easily adjust the belt according to an Individual’s comfort. The Renewa medium abdominal belt provides the right amount of compression without sacrificing the comfort of using this product and the product also provides optimal support for the muscles in the said region. The Renewa medium abdominal belt is considered as the best abdominal belt after c-section surgeries, abdominal surgeries and after the delivery of a baby as it is a tummy trimmer belt and helps reduce the stubborn weight and extra fat around the waist.

Renewa Abdominal Belt - Medium

Renewa Abdominal Belt – Medium

Benefits of using Renewa Abdominal Belt

· Helps in the reduction of extra fat around the waist.
· Has a warm therapeutic impact on the region.
· It has a simple wrap-around design.
· Adjustable comfort and compression.

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