Why Pre-Marriage Counseling is Gaining Popularity in India

By | August 10, 2023

Traditionally, Indian marriages were arranged by families, with matches made based on factors like religion, caste, social status and family reputation. In such arranged setups, the bride and groom often barely knew each other before their wedding day.

However, winds of change are sweeping India. An increasing number of urban youth are choosing their own life partners through love marriages. At the same time, more young couples are opting for pre-marriage counseling before tying the knot. Here are some key reasons why pre-marriage counseling is becoming more popular in India:

Compatibility Assessment

Pre-marriage counseling provides couples the opportunity to objectively assess their compatibility. Sessions with a counselor can reveal differences in personalities, opinions, interests and values between partners. Identifying potential areas of friction early on is invaluable.

Align Expectations

Partners often have unspoken assumptions or unrealistic expectations of marriage. Through open conversations facilitated by a counselor, couples can better understand each other’s needs and align their expectations on issues like household responsibilities, money management, family planning etc. This preempts many marital conflicts.

Improve Communication

Lack of communication is the bedrock of many marriage problems. Counseling enables couples to practice positive, honest and empathetic communication. Partners learn to express their thoughts and feelings more constructively, and understand each other’s perspectives better.

Share Past Issues

Partners feel comfortable opening up to the counselor about sensitive topics like their family backgrounds, past relationships, health problems etc. Revealing these details helps build transparency and trust in the relationship.

Strengthen Bond

Discussing fears, doubts and aspirations for the future brings couples closer emotionally. Partners feel more secure, valued and committed after gaining deeper understanding through counseling.

Develop Coping Strategies

The counselor helps identify potential stress points and conflicts in the marriage, and equips the couple with coping techniques and problem-solving skills to handle them effectively.

In summary, pre-marriage counseling is gaining prominence among urban Indian couples as an investment for building a strong foundation for an enduring marriage. It sets the stage for better compatibility, communication and teamwork between partners as they embark on a lifetime journey together.

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