5 Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain

By | April 10, 2018

Due to sedentary lifestyles mostly among the urban working population, back pain has become one of the common conditions. Long hours of sitting in one position (or) improper seating in the office or at home may result in back pains. Lower back pains are most common among these back pains, which might get severe if one is obese, has weak abdominal muscles, poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Medications could be a temporary relief from back pain, whereas for long term relief some physical activity is mostly advised like yoga and exercise. Many studies proved the power of ancient practice of yoga, which includes stretching, flexing and straightening of entire body muscles, this could potentially relieve any back pains for faster relief and as long-term remedies too. This should not be advised only if one has severe back pains, but any occasional soreness or chronic aches may greatly benefit from certain postures.

Seeking doctor’s advice before starting with yoga, especially if you are prone to pains. Gradually increase the intensity by holding in the postures for longer times only if one is ease of doing.

From many yoga postures, here we list some 7 simple and easy postures in this article for back pain relief.

  1. Child Pose:

    For this pose, sit on your heels in a comfortable position. Raise hands up and put on either side of your head and bend on to the ground slowly in front of you. Your hands and head should be touching the ground. Inhale and exhale slowly for 3 minutes. Intensify the stretch by pulling your abdominal muscles towards your spine keeping the spine in a straight position.

  2. child-pose-yoga

  3. Bow Pose:

    This pose is not to be recommended if there are no severe back pains. For this pose lie down on the floor belly facing the surface and hands on either side of the torso. Reach back with your hands take hold of ankles, lift thighs from surface and push ankles away from body taking support on the stomach. Hold in that position as long as stay with slow inhale and exhale for about 2-3 times.

  4. bow-pose-yoga

  5. Cat (or) Cow Pose:

    Sit comfortably on heels, raise the body and move hands forward and place body parallel to the surface like a cat, looking to the front. In this pose, slowly press your spine up, keeping the back straight. Relax in this position for about 2-3 min with slow inhale and exhale. Repeat this posture several times at ease.

  6. cat-cow-pose-yoga

  7. Fish Pose:

    Lie on your back on the surface with your knees fold and feet on the floor. Inhale slowly, lift your pelvis little away from the floor and bring your hands and palms down below your buttocks. Then slowly rest your buttocks on the backs of your hands. Lift entire back taking support on head and buttocks. Stay in the position lifting slightly on the back and hold for about 2-3 mins with slow inhale and exhales. Repeat 2-3 times at ease.

  8. fish-pose-yoga

  9. Bridge Pose:

    Lie down facing back on to the floor, place a thick sheet below shoulder if needed. Bend knees and feet on the floor and lift the hips taking support on shoulders. Hold in the position for about 2-3 min with deep slow inhale and exhales. Repeat this posture 2-3 times at ease.


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