Exercise and Weight Loss

By | March 9, 2020

Weight loss can be achieved by limiting the number of calories taken through our diet (or) by burning those little extra calories through physical activities like exercise, yoga and others. There are numerous ways to exercise to keep our body strong & fit, from simple daily routines can be counted as some sort of physical activity to sweating at gyms.

Importance of Weight loss and Exercise

  • The first thing that comes to our minds, when we are about to plan for a weight loss regime is “exercise”.
  • Any weight loss technique including exercise is as important as any other, as this could keep you away from the incidence of many complications like diabetes, strokes and any other heart diseases and cancers.
  • Exercise can help improve and increase metabolism. So balance is maintained well within range with “Body Mass Index” (BMR).
  • Most diseases can be preventing due to increased body immune system.
  • Not just physical health benefits, there is improved and balanced mental health benefits as well.
  • With lean and slim body, one can stay fit and healthy, with proper mental health you can stay away from most disorders and illnesses.

Benefits of Exercise and Diet

As these, both aspects are really important for weight loss and staying healthy and fit.

  • Exercise can prevent and even reverse some complications of certain diseases where as simple diet can’t be that effective method.
  • Increased levels of oxygen consumption into the body.
  • Helps in disease prevention like high blood pressures, type-2 diabetes, Obesity and even few cancers.
  • For balanced mental along with physical health. If one opt for fast-paced gym exercises or relaxing mind-body yoga, one would certainly stimulate the release of feel-good brain chemicals including endorphin.


How much Exercise is Needed?

There is no such fixed or standardized amount of exercise that one must perform on a daily basis. For this, you don’t need to join a fancy gym or buy expensive gym equipment for any fitness activities. But a minimum exercise is always advisable, is at least 30 mins a day with any physical activity to keep healthy and fit. This amount will be more if you are on a plan to lose excess weight.

Types of Exercises

There might be various types of weight loss programs, but including some aerobic and cardiovascular exercise would mostly help in keeping an individual stay healthy and fit.

    • Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, cycling and swimming can get your heart rate increased and increased blood pumping in the body.
    • For weight loss, one can opt for calories burning through exercises like abs, biceps, triceps, quads, shoulders, forearms and chest.


  • Other calisthenics like karate, judo and boxing, would also help in weight loss regime and also in staying in fit.
  • Even yoga can be considered as one form of exercise, but the benefits would be long term and with simple flexing muscles and coordinating movements with breathing patterns.

Amount of Calories Burned

The calories burned can vary from type of exercise we choose and the amount of time we performed with that particular exercise or any physical activity. Any strenuous physical activity or exercise can burn more calories than simple activity.

Here we have listed few activities where the limits fall within this range given below.


  • By Playing Basketball, Baseball or Golf, 240 – 300 calories will burn
  • Fast Walking, Biking or Gardening, 370 – 460 calories will burn
  • Jogging, Football or Swimming, 580 – 730 calories will burn
  • Skiing or Long runs or Marathons, 740 – 920 calories will burn

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