How to Get Relief From Neck Pain

By | August 3, 2018

Rigid neck pain is a universal hitch crops up due to sleeping in an uncomfortable means, long time sitting on the system, muscle strain on awful position or moving weights that cause additional burden on shoulders.

Also nervous tension, apprehension, any injury to neck, cancer, arthritis or meningitis leads to stiff neck muscles. The prime indicators are complexity in moving the neck from one side to other. It may cause soreness, headache pain in arm and shoulder.

It is not an indication of stern medical disorder but affects the day to day routine and causes disturbed sleep. Things can become eased in a week or so. There are few effortless modifications that can bring in improved lifestyle with therapy at home to get relief from the sting. Doctor should be consulted should the situation still persists even after a week or one gets high fever

Appended are 7 important means to get relief from neck pain :

  1. Massage
  2. Best means to take care of neck pain is tender massage that helps loosen up muscles and enhances blood circulation diminishing stiffness leading to good sleep.

    • Get a hot shower and unwind muscles.
    • Rub the painful area with lukewarm mustard, olive or coconut oil
    • Apply tender but solid massage caresses few times
    • Seek helping hand from a professional therapist or a friend to massage when one can’t do it on their own due to inflexibility
  3. Heat Therapy
  4. Attempt heat therapy should there be no release of pain even after 48 hours. This will enhance the flow of blood and reduces rigidity.

    • Hot towel, hot water bottle, heating pad or heat wrap can be other means to reduce pain in the neck with a warm condense for 10 minutes. This can be replicated 3-4 times each day till there is total comfort.
    • Take a warm water shower to run through the pained area of neck for 5 minutes keeping the neck stiff and replicate it 2-3 times everyday.
  5. Peppermint Oil
  6. Menthol in the Peppermint oil assists to pacify rigid muscles of the neck. Its analgesic character helps diminish twinge and uneasiness

    • Mix few drops of peppermint oil with two tea spoons of olive oil that is warm. Massage the neck tenderly with lukewarm oil. Apply this method 2 times per day for some days
    • Take big bowl of cold water and mix it with two drops of peppermint oil. Immerse a cloth in water and plant it on the portion of neck with pain for 10-15 minutes and replicate as may be required.
  7. Neck Exercises
  8. There are few greatly beneficial workouts that can loosen the neck pain by easing out the stiffness caused

    • Make your body stress free by sitting upright
    • Move the head up and down for few times
    • Roll the head laterally towards right and left shoulders for and replicate few times
    • Turn the head slowly and look towards left and right a few number of times without rotating the body
    • Conclude workout with some mild rolling of shoulders.
    • Do not do any workouts that damages the neck
    • Regular swimming averts neck pain and enhances the power of neck. Caution must be taken following accurate methods and avoid exaggerated exercise.
  9. Cold Compresses
  10. Relieve the neck pain with frozen squeeze. This brings in limited lactic acid upsurge a by produce of the metabolism in the muscles that can lead to sourness

    • Drape few ice cubes or frozen peas in a light cloth, apply slight pressure in the pained portion of the neck for about 10-15 minutes.
    • Replicate this process once in 2 hours initially for 48 hours.
    • Ice shouldn’t be applied on the skin directly.
  11. Turmeric
  12. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory characteristic mitigates distress originated by neck pain and assists in progressive blood circulation.

    • Heat on low mixture of cup of milk with one tea spoon of turmeric powder for 5 minutes, cool it and mix with some honey and gulp it twice a day for some days.
    • Turmeric can be used in every day cooking.
    • Upon doctor’ advise turmeric also can be taken as tablet or capsule.
    • Alternatively, you can take turmeric in capsule or tablet form, but only after consulting a doctor.
    • Patients with bile duct obstruction or gallstones should not use turmeric.
  13. Acupressure
  14. Neck pain due to stiffness when originated due to abnormal position is cured with acupressure (a Chinese tradition). Pressure is applied at definite portions by professional therapist relives discomfort.

    The space between middle and pointer finger knuckles called Luo Zhen is the acupressure point that assists in treating a still neck /neck pain. Should the neck be stiff on its right side massage this portion on the left hand and vice versa by applying slight pressure with a finger tip for two minutes. Also move the neck from one side to other to ease the pain.

Additional Tips:

  • Should have undisturbed sleep for 8 hours. This will help the body recover promptly
  • Sleep on the back or sideways without pillow and not on the stomach
  • Mattress should be hard and offer total comfort to the neck and spine
  • Driving must be avoided
  • Do not apply stress on the neck. It will aggravate the discomfort and hinders the process of curing
  • Keep away from disturbing strain that ignites pressure in the muscles
  • Always ensure to practice relevant posture while standing and sitting.
  • Drop surplus weight
  • Lessen the strain on the neck by taking quick breaks regularly
  • Do not tuck the cell phone between shoulder and neck
  • Do not make workouts. It will further aggravate the pain

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