How to use a glucometer?

By | January 20, 2022

Whether a person has type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or gestational diabetes, they may need to test and monitor their blood sugar levels at home on a regular basis.

One of the most effective strategies to manage diabetes is to test blood sugar levels. It explains how the illness is affected by diet, drugs, and exercise. Keeping track of blood sugar levels can assist both the patient and the doctor in developing a successful diabetes care strategy.  To measure blood sugar levels, doctors recommend utilizing glucometers, which are portable blood glucose meters.



What is a glucometer?

Glucometers are small, portable, and easy-to-use devices that can be used to check blood sugar levels at any time. These gadgets examine a little sample of blood, generally from a fingertip, and give immediate results. Glucometers are used to detect blood sugar levels that are constantly changing, thus they may need to be tested and recorded frequently.

Steps to use a glucometer:

To avoid infection and erroneous results when monitoring diabetes, one should follow a step-by-step protocol when using a glucometer at home. It’s also crucial to read and follow the glucometer’s recommendations. The following are the steps of utilizing a glucometer in general:

– Wash hands well with soap and water and pat dry with a towel, or clean the finger with an alcohol swab and dry it before testing.

– Take a test strip from the box of strips and set it aside. Before pricking the finger, place or insert the strip into the glucometer’s slot. This makes adding the blood sample to the strip a breeze. Some glucometers will require you to insert a blood sample into the strip.

– Prick the tip of the finger with a clean lancet (a device that retains the needle).

Get the lancing device ready.

  • Twist and remove the cap from the lancing device¬†
  • Properly press the lancet into the holder
  • Replace the cap and adjust the lancing device according to skin thickness (smaller numbers provide shallower and less painful punctures).

– Using the clean lancet, prick the fingertip and wait for the blood to seep out.

– Place one or two droplets of blood that leak out on the space indicated on the glucometer’s strip. Make sure the strip does not come into touch with your skin. This is critical since food and pharmaceutical residues on fingers might skew test findings.


Monitoring blood glucose levels can help not just with diabetes management, but also with reducing the risk of long-term problems. A glucometer is recommended because it can be used to determine whether blood glucose levels are normal, low, or excessive. Glucometers are great for persons who desire a comfortable, straightforward, and painless way to monitor their blood glucose levels on a regular basis. The results can be used to make any necessary dietary or lifestyle modifications.

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