5 Best Home Remedies For Toothache

By | November 10, 2018

Tooth care has become one of the major in personal care as it is our part of daily routines. Most believe in home remedy than consulting an expensive dental services for majority of tooth pains, but we never can replace serious tooth complications for the dentist’s services. This condition is so common from young kids to elderly irrespective of age, gender and food habits. At least once in an year check-up, along with seeking a dentist’s advice is highly important.

Toothaches could be caused for various reasons like cavities, enamel erosion, periodontics, cracked tooth, gum diseases, jaw bone disorder and sinus infections. Often sometimes tooth pain is also caused by nearby infections or disorders of jaw bones and its surrounding muscles and nerves.

There are few hundreds of brands and companies who make dental care products, but most rely on simple and affordable home remedies for toothaches. Whereas few believe in natural home remedial methods over chemical or drugs intervention for tooth pains.

So, Here we give 5 Best Home Remedies in this article for Toothache

  1. Salt Water (Saline):

    Common salt can act as anti-bacterial, as it can cleanse any debris and provides relief. If this lukewarm saline waters would more ideal for instant pain reliefs. It is simple, natural and safe home remedy. One can repeat until the pain resides, but this method cannot be used for any acute tooth conditions. This is one of the best and simple mouth wash to prevent any teeth complications at home.

  2. Garlic:

    It has antibiotic properties, and can inhibit the growth of bacteria which could be a reason for few tooth pains. Mashed garlic clove is made into paste then it is applied over throbbing tooth. It can relieve pain slightly slow but very effective when compared to any other home remedy methods. Garlic is so common in every house hold, we mostly use this as condiment in many recipes.

  3. Clove Oils:

    Clove are traditional remedy for numbing nerves, due to the presence of a natural anesthetic called Eugen. Similarly, the clove oil can be used to relieve any tooth pains. Hence it is widely used in manufacturing of dental creams and pastes. Placing a cotton swab dipped with few drops of clove oil can relieve the pains instantly, but this oil must not be poured directly on infected or pain areas.

  4. Peppermint Tea Bag:

    Wet and used tea bags can also be used to relive tooth pains, peppermint has very soothing properties along with strong flavor. By placing the hot or cold tea bag over the area of pain, it could be relieved with ease.

  5. Ice Cube/Heat Pads:

    Most assume Ice packs could be little uncomfortable if one has sensitive gums. But these can be used to encounter most tooth pains. Just place ice on area of pain on tooth or alternatively one can place an ice pack on cheek. This can make lose sensation in fraction of seconds which is instant pain relive. This can induce numbness in the nerves, where immediate loss of sensation and tooth pain are observed.

    Heat pads can also be used to relieve tooth pains, just by placing these on areas of pain over the cheek can reduce pains. If one has very sensitive gums, one can prefer opting for heat pads instead.

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