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By | November 8, 2022

stress does to you mentally and physically

Let us tell you to notice any of these 7 signs and you can immediately know if you are dealing with stress. Does it have a negative impact on your body?

  • Headaches: 

Do you experience headaches? Everyday? Could be that you are experiencing extreme stress. These are tension headaches.

  • Anger: 

Again, it is very important to deal with your anger. Anger issues? If your anger is something you cannot control, then we suggest you consult anger management counseling

  • Frequent Sickness: 

Do you fall sick easily? This constant battle could be one of the signs that you are dealing with way too much stress. Stress decreases your immune system.

  • Acne: 

Even though the common cause of acne is definitely excess oil, hormonal shifts, and blocked pores, stress can be a major factor causing acne. Because when you are stressed, you will touch your face more, and then this increases the chances of acne severity.

  • Changes in Libido: 

People with high-stress experience less arousal as compared to people with less stress. Stress management is important because stress changes the way your hormones respond.

  • Appetite Changes: 

Now since your appetite changes, it can affect you very badly. You may experience no appetite or way too much and this, in turn, affects the whole system of our bodies like behavioral changes, hair loss, skin irritation, skin infections, and much more.

  • Digestive Issues: 

Remember when you are stressed out, food is going to take longer to digest. And, maybe prove more difficult leading to heartburns, IBS, and indigestion.

We recommend that you start taking care of yourself immediately and contact one of our online counselling professionals at Metromedi Relief for more information on stress management counselling.

Simply speak with one of our qualified stress management counsellors and have a meaningful conversation. Remember, we keep your information completely private and anonymous.

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