Health Benefits and Importance of Organic Food

By | April 8, 2019

The word ‘’Organic’’ refers to farming without use of conventional fertilizers and pesticides instead by using natural fertilizers to feed soil and plants, and by following techniques like crop rotation or mulch to control weeds. These foods hit markets in response to the modern industrialization effect on agriculture to increase production. So these foods (fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy) are grown by using natural fertilizer (compost & manure) or lesser pesticide, synthetic fertilizer and bio engineered gene use.

The demand for organic foods slowly increasing, especially among urban population due to safer, more nutrients and for better tasting of foods we consume.Few other choose these foods for other reasons like impact on environment, human and animal welfare.

These are slightly priced high when compared non-organic, as its time consuming and extra labour is employed for natural techniques for growth on these foods.


There are few strong reason why these organic foods are opted over conventionally grown foods. Due to heavy use of pesticides and chemical they might enter to our food chain through plant and animal food sources into human. This could potentially result in hormonal imbalances due to excessive hormone or complete destruction of hormone producing glands.


These are proven, in having more nutrients than traditionally grown foods. These foods have identified in processing 15-50% more nutrients than non-organic.

By opting for organic you are not just concerned of just your health, but also environment around you. You are indirectly helping in keeping the natural ecology at safe. Lower pesticides and chemicals, so no future adverse effects due their interactions with others in the nature. In the natural ecosystem plants and animals survive and depend on others for various functions like growth, reproduction, so this perfectly balanced and naturally.

Though organic farming is little more time consuming and tiresome, it has long term advantages. It is certainly little economical as our input costs are saved by adapting few simple techniques by employing manual labour.

Health Benefits of Organic Foods

  • Low or no pesticides like fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides used. By avoiding these use these is lesser chances of there chemicals entering the food chain system.
  • By moving to organic, it results improved soil fertility, lowers water contaminations and reduced air pollutions hence fertile soils, clean waters and fresh air respectively.
  • Naturally available fertilizers like vermi-compost, manure and animal’s by-products. These will degrade and disintegrate much easier with soils, thereby no adverse effects or causes in the future.
  • organic-food-health-benefits

  • Increased antioxidant capacity in organic foods, maybe due to less or no interaction with chemicals
  • Organic meat and dairy are rich in certain nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered foods are high resistant to certain diseases and pests. So as to lower the use of chemical on them for their natural growth.
  • These are mostly available locally, and sold locally. So very less carbon foot prints with these foods distribution and transportation.
  • So these cooked when fresh and are consumed very soon when compared to the other non-organic foods.

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